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Duloxetina nome generico

Amy’s Kitchen

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Amy's gluten free Mac & cheese

Amy's Mac cheese paprika_opt

Amy's Mac cheese_opt

Amy's veggie lasagne box_opt

Amy's Thai Curry


Amy's Tortilla Bake_optAmy's burrito box_opt

Amy's kitchen tomato soup gluten freeAMy's tomato soup_opt

Amy's kitchen mushroom soup gluten freeAmy's mushroom soup_opt

Amy's rusctic italian soup_opt

Whole Foods Market


About the Author

About the Author: Caroline was diagnosed with Coeliac disease in 2006 and likes to share her gluten free finds around the UK, Australia and the rest of the world! See more on her in the 'About' page. .


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  1. Mrs Anne Hamilton says:

    I’ve been looking for Amy;s Broccoli and Cheddar Bake and Rice Mac and Cheese in Waitrose, Morningside Road, Edinburgh for several weeks now. I really love these dishes but Waitrose has not had them in stock for a while. They still have the amy’s soups I’m glad to say.
    Anne Hamilton

    • The Coeliac Plate says:

      I love both those products too! I saw recently on Facebook that Amy’s UK arm is closing down, so that may explain shortages. The link is here:
      I am in Australia and noticed our Amy’s products come from the US, so that might be what the UK has to do too.

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