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Hong Kong gluten free

Restaurant Lists

SweetPea Click here for a review

Kowloon Shangri-La

Hong Kong night lights_opt


Shangri-La HK tapas menu_opt  Shangri-La HK tapas2_opt

Shangri-La HK tapas1_optShangri-La HK tapas3_opt

Shangri-La HK Angelini restaurant_optShangri-La HK Angelini restaurant menu_opt

click here

Kowloon HK_optKowloon HK park_opt

Marks & Spencer Food

M&S Food HK sign_optHong Kong M&S cheese puffs_opt

Simply Life Hong Kong salad_optSimply Life Hong Kong_opt

Hong Kong railway_optpeak tram,

Hong Kong peak view_opt

Hong Kong peak tram_opt(1)

travelator in the world

Hong Kong Tram_optHong Kong travelator_opt

Hong Kong cafe collage_opt


Restaurant Lists

About the Author

About the Author: Caroline was diagnosed with Coeliac disease in 2006 and likes to share her gluten free finds around the UK, Australia and the rest of the world! See more on her in the 'About' page. .


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  1. Pete Stockton says:

    Useful information as I am planning going to HK later this year. Do you know of any gluten free outlets in Tung Chung, Ngong Ping Village and Tai O all on Lantau?

    • The Coeliac Plate says:

      Sorry, Pete, not familiar with those areas. If you join the Facebook group Gluten free In Hong Kong (glutenfreehk), someone local will be able to help you!

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